What Clients Say

Molly was an angel. She sat and listened to me and my ideas, took over the photos, scanned and arranged them into a beautiful slide show with music and moving transitions. She has a pleasant personality, is very easy to understand and work with, and was totally reliable in getting things done on time.
- Janine, Seattle, Washington
When I opened the archive, I was stunned. Your work is remarkable. You have returned our family to us.
- Tod, Washington D.C.
We had a mass of photos that needed to be scanned at a high resolution for a National Geographic document. Molly not only personally picked up the photos, but she scanned and emailed them to us that same day, at a better resolution than we could have hoped for. Amazing quality, wonderful customer service, and an unbeatable price. We will definitely be repeat customers for years to come!
Melissa, Virginia via Seattle contact
Molly's outstanding services, coupled with her management of the photos as important records, have organized our family's heritage into one convenient package that the family will enjoy for now and future generations.
- Steve, Bellevue, Washington
I had no idea where to start. Our family reunion was weeks away. I had slides from the 60's and 70's, prints and video from the 80's, and digital stuff from recent years. Molly put it all together into a slideshow, set to music, and delivered a hugely entertaining CD on time and on budget.
- Brian, Seattle, Washington
I would not hesitate to give Molly any photo restoration task. She uses the best materials, has excellent judgment, and an artistic touch.
- Joe, Salem, Oregon
Molly has that intuitive sense of what works together well. I wanted to share my experience of India with family and friends. With Molly's help, we created a very nice DVD with photos, maps, music background and voice-over . . . very professional.
- Stu, Seattle, Washington
Molly is professional and creative. When creating a DVD for my parents she listened to my input with an open mind and made changes with music, captions, etc, that improved the quality of the DVD. Having Molly produce it gave us a beautiful, professionally done product that brought a lot of joy to my parents.
- Sydney, Seattle, Washington
Molly was so fun to work with! She really understands the overwhelming and emotional experience that digging through years of photos can create. She makes it simple and streamlined, and leaves you with a process you can follow on your own to stay on top of it!
- Kristi, Bellingham, Washington
The video was great! Some of the guests stood transfixed in front of the TV wanting to know what Dad was doing (hitting golf balls into the ocean or saying poetry). I'm sure my Dad would have been very proud. Thank you again for helping us make this DVD so special. It's amazing how your work touches people's lives!
- Leon, Tokyo, Japan (worked via email)
I really appreciate Molly's flexibility in creating something that would fit the unique criteria of my project. Her work is first class and I recommend her to my clients.
- Julie, Bellevue, Washington
My husband thought he had everything. The Photo Book of his children's art brought tears to his eyes. Thank you!
- Stephanie, Brier, Washington
Molly is one of the most conscientious and caring persons that I know of to entrust with organizing and documenting one's family history.
- Al Doggett, Owner of Al Doggett Studio, www.aldoggett.com
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