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Onsite Organizing of Loose Photos, Photo Albums, and Memorabilia

Whether you want to simplify your life, downsize, or just clean up—I can help you get started. It never takes as long as we expect because we work together using a family tree or discussed categories to sort through the items to archive, pass on or... toss. With your direction, I take a subset of photos to scan and protect the originals in acid-free products. The project that has been forever looming over your head is finally done. With everything accessible in a digital format and the originals safely protected and labeled, the fun begins with sharing it all.

Onsite Organizing of Digital Photos

Just as double and triple prints were appealing once upon a time, so is the idea of taking more and more photos. Although space is affordable and accessible, it can be overwhelming to manage all those files. Together we will find the best photo program(s) to help you with the frequent management of your collection. Feeling comfortable with a process will encourage you to stay organized, share photos through email, create photo books, and perhaps even send a beautiful holiday card this season. (Documentation is provided at no additional charge.)

Scanning of Photos, Slides, and Negatives

There are so many choices when it comes to scanning photos, slides and negatives. But the most important thing to remember is that you will only do this once. I test with photo labs throughout the City to make sure our scanner settings generate the best print and file possible. Your originals will be handled with the utmost care and the digital set formatted to meet your end goal.

Photo and Video Projects

I feel very fortunate to be invited to create custom projects for clients. Family photos books, photo walls, memorial slideshows. All of them are custom and beautiful. Call me to discuss your project idea!

View a sample video produced by SPO here.

Support with Genealogy Research

Whether you have been designated family archivist by choice (or default), I can support you. We will define a clear organization of the existing material and talk through software programs available for adding to the collection. Sharing your family history with others will be easier than you think!

Creation of "Cloud" Archives

After your collection is organized and scanned I will work with you to find the best online vendor to meet your needs. Whether you want to print, share, or create a link of photos from your reunion, I will make sure your experience is stress-free. (Documentation is provided at no additional charge.)

Computer Training

Do you have questions about how to email a photo? Wondered how to print a photo that has been emailed to you? Perhaps you would like advanced training with Photoshop? You dictate the level and type of training you need, and I will customize a training session just for you. (Documentation is provided at no additional charge.)

Film and Video Transfers

I love working with video. The quality of the transfers seems to get better each year as new tools are introduced. And with the ease of sharing video online, it encourages us to "capture the moment" with voice and movement, creating new memories.

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